What’s the check-in luggage limit with UK airlines?

You’re excited. Can’t wait to get away for two weeks in the sunshine. There’s only one thing left to do. Pack. Yep, it’s the part of the getaway process that we all hate. What can I take? What should I take? What, am I taking that? Often the last thing on your mind is your baggage allowance. But with airlines clamping down more and more nowadays and the fees getting higher and higher, it’s more important than ever to stay in those limits.

No worries, we’ve pulled together the available stats on skyscanner.com into a simple and easy to use infographic. No worries, thank us later when you’re on the beach.

As you can see it’s British Airways, EasyJet, Jet2 and Norwegian leading the way with a 32kg baggage limit. This is great for the over packers who literally cannot leave the country without their entire home. Next up is Luftansa, Flybe and Vueling with a decent 23kg, enough to pack the essentials. Then, coming in last are Thomas Cook and Ryanair, who provide a rather measly 20kg. In fact, Thomas Cook is the only airline to limit the weight of hand-luggage at 8kg per customer, meaning when it comes to baggage, they’re the worst for value airline in the UK.

Experienced any shocking excess baggage charges? Been caught with anything embars

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