Alright so you’re considering heading to Europe, but your budget is tight and being cost effective is super important. Not to worry, nowadays it’s cheaper to visit some of Europe’s most impressive cities for the weekend than it is to hire a caravan in boring Brexit Britain.

Take a look at these incredibly cheap and yet awesome holidays you can take in 2019 without having to break the bank.

Poland, Krakow

Yep, it’s Krakow. If you’re after cheap beer, cheap food and cheap accommodation then this is your place. Flights from Manchester aren’t too bad, starting at around £80 – £100 per person for a return flight, which is cheaper than a single ticket from Manchester to London on the train.

Currency – Polish Zlotych Transport – zł5.60 for the day Accommodation – zł 35.00 (per night) Food – zł20 – 30 (2 people) Exchange rate – £1 = zł4.81

What to see? Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wawel Royal Castle, Kazimierz, St. Mary’s Basilica

Language: Polish, but English speakers will be okay.

Romania, Bucharest

It’s a little bland, their national dish is cabbage wraps and there’s still the lingering aftertaste of communism — but hey, it’s cheap, so why not check it out? There’s not much to see really, so if you’re going to visit Bucharest you should see it more as a drinking holiday with the opportunity to also see the Palace of Parliament administrative building, which in itself looks nice, but isn’t exactly mindblowing.

Currency – Romanian leu Transport – lei 5.00 for the day Accommodation – lei 40.00 (per night) Food – lei 45 – 50 (2 people) Exchange rate – £1 = zł5.24

What to see? Nothing really.

Language: Romanian. English speakers may struggle, but will be able to get around.

Ukraine, Kiev

Although a little bit secluded when compared with the rest of Europe, Kiev is certainly up-and-coming with the added benefit of being light on the pocket. And sure, there might have been a bit of a scuffle a few years ago, but time moves on and things are coming together once again. If you want to get out of the house for the weekend and experience something new, then go to Kiev…

…so tempted to make a joke about chicken kievs.

Currency – Ukrane hryvnia (not a clue how to pronounce it) Transport – ₴16.00 for the day Accommodation – ₴200 – 250 (per night) Food – ₴480 (2 people) Exchange rate – £1 = ₴36.09

What to see? Kiev Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Maidan Nezalezhnosti (for a good old political rally), Khreshchatyk (if you want to confuse a taxi driver with your pronunciation)

Language: Primarily Ukrainian, but most will speak Russian. English speakers may struggle.