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Feliz Navidad and Hola Madrid – It’s time to hit Spain!

With the hustle and bustle of London combined with the naturally relaxed nature of the Spaniards, Madrid is the perfect city for both high-octane party seekers and sight-seeing museum strollers.

Below is a collection of shots I took during my four night stay. To read more about my visit can feel free to check out my travel log. Any thoughts on my photos are much appreciated as I’m merely a humble beginner. Feliz Navidad.

Quick hint. Visit Mercado de la Reina for some tapas. You won’t regret it.


Bernabéu from the top stands
Seems I can’t get away from this damn film.

Plaza de Cibeles

Bernabéu again
And again…
Real Madrid stealing all the trophies since 1902
Again… more trophies
And even more…
Groovy looking trophy
Outside the Bernabéu
It’s a Christmas tree
Fantastic Spanish street band which you’ll find plenty of in Centro
Can’t remember who the dude on the horse is… must remember to take notes next time
That’s the Christmas tree you just saw!
Just imagine walking past this everyday
That’s a bank… yep, that’s how they look in Madrid
Just a normal street in Madrid
Could be a hotel. Could be a house. Not a clue.
Probably a church.
Fanciest McDonald’s in Europe
Again, just how nice is Madrid?
Outside Plaza de Castilla station

Outside Plaza de Castilla station

Outside Plaza de Castilla station
Like the lighting in this shot… the only reason it’s here

You’ll have to excuse the poor lighting in some of these photos. I could only visit the city after finishing work for the day and the sun was nearly setting when I arrived in the city.

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  1. Great pics, will excuse the poor lighting on this occasion!
    Madrid looks lovely x

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