Just how much gin is your neighbour drinking?

Gin is all the rage nowadays, right? Everyone seems to be knocking back the botanical spirit like there’s no tomorrow. If you managed to catch my latest pieces on the best gins in Europe then you’ll know that it’s not just us Brits who love the classic G and T.

But just how much gin are our international neighbours knocking back? And is it us Brits who are leading the way? Well, according to statista.com, we’re not doing as well as you might’ve thought.

Incredibly it is the Spanish who are knocking back the most amount of gin, with a shocking (or glorious) 1.07 litres of the stuff consumed per person, per year. Sadly the British are flagging with a measly 0.55 litres of gin being consumed per gin-loving Briton. Germans rather surprisingly consumed the least amount of gin with just 0.08 liters (less than four singles) each year.

Shocked, surprised, or just plain angry? Let us know in the comments section below!

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