So you’re about to embark on a journey around Europe (like me). Great! Whether you’re travelling solo like me, or travelling with a partner or friend(s), there are just some things you can’t afford to leave at home. Here I’ll take you through few things I’m glad, or wish, I packed during my travels. And no, I won’t be talking about the obvious things like bags.

Travel adapter for an electric toothbrush

Oh the fury. The absolute angst. The complete and utter fury of not being able to charge my electric toothbrush because for some inane reason it doesn’t fit in either European or shaver sockets.

And sure, while you might say I’m travelling a little too ‘posh’, there is nothing more frustrating than having to ask reception for a pathetic and flimsy toothbrush when you have the mother of all plague-killing devices stood glumly in the corner of your washbasin. I want to use you, my comrade, I really do
— but I can’t because you’re stubborn and aren’t willing to adapt.

If you can I recommend you find an electric-toothbrush charger to shaver/European adapter before you leave — you won’t regret it.

Power pack

We all depend on mobile phones nowadays, don’t try and deny it. Google Maps (or whatever you Apple fanboys use) is a Godsend and without the calm and composed voice guiding us around new cities we’d all be aimlessly walking around bumping into things.

The sad thing is that using maps drains your battery like no tomorrow. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a bar enjoying the company of newfound friends when your phone runs out of battery. Sadly it’s also just started raining and you’ve forgotten where to catch the metro. What do you do? Ask one of the strangers you’ve just met to use their phone? — a little weird? Ask the bar to order you a taxi? — very expensive! Nope, you simply grab your power pack stored pleasantly in your rucksack and top up your phone. Sure, it might cost £20 – £30 for a heavy duty one, but at least you can now take the metro. Oh and look outside, it’s just stopped raining. Another round, anyone?


Alright, before anybody bangs on about how much of a Revolut fanboy I am, hear me out. My pre-paid MasterCard travel companion has literally been accepted at every single place I’ve visited. The exchange rates are fantastic also. Furthermore, you avoid paying the awful commissions at the regular kiosks and the hassle of carrying your passport to change money.

Revolut is really super safe — actually, a little too safe, as my card has been blocked occasionally for legitimate transactions. But this was resolved by quickly logging into the app and unfreezing my card. And yes, the ability to instantly freeze your card if you lose it is also fantastic.

Ultimately, it’s safer than carrying loads of foreign currency. You can transfer your money between different currencies at the touch of a button. So go ahead and open an account — all you need is an address and a passport.

As I travel I’ll probably add to this list, but for now, that’s it. Ciao.